Rebel Angel

14 December 2022

My apocalyptic dreams have gotten worse. This time, I can find signs of the Fallen in my dreams. In the waking world, The Fallen have stepped up their game and chose violence. By this, I mean kidnapping Axle and leaving Raiza for dead at my doorstep.

My father has warned me that signs of the end of days are here, and The Fallen are actively seeking the end to achieve their New World Order. Did I mention they want my help to speed up the process? I’ll take a hard pass on that. Now, I must rescue Axle, refuse to team up with the Fallen, and keep Lana safe from the monsters threatening my angelic existence. Maybe it’s time that I become the monster they fear. God forgives easily, but I don’t, and I don’t always play by the rules. Another day in my so-called life. Sometimes, coming out as an angel isn’t always to my benefit. After all, people have expectations when meeting an angel. But I can’t stay in the closet forever.


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